2014 BMW X5 changes compared to previous model

The moment has come-the new 2014 BMW X5 has finally come, about two months ago, but the actual price details have appeared just a month ago! So, let us check out what this new model has to offer! We shall discuss a bit about innovations considering both interior and exterior design, tell you some price details, so see for yourself can you afford this new vehicle. Car industry has been in really tricky position, because when they have some idea, they have to think of many aspects, form design, to its performances, and how to adjust it with the price, so that the whole project would pay off.

2014 BMW X5

Improved performances

Let us start with the fact that this new 2014 BMW X5 has more standard equipment, which refers to engine start-stop feature and 40/20/40 split-folding second-row seat. Besides this, it comes with iDrive navigation which has a touchpad and a 10.2-inch display. As for the optional features, you have two-passenger third-row seat. All the new 2014 BMW X5 models have increased horsepower and eight-speed automatic transmission. This model also appears to be more economical.

2014 BMW X5 M

Breath-taking design

With all the above-mentioned amazing performances, you also have renewed design to go with the complete picture of car, making it even more perfect and desirable. This new model may seem a bit chunky, but in fact its curb weight has been reduced. Complete look of 2014 BMW X5 is a bit more assertive due to more upright grille opening. Looking at this car form the side, the only change you can see are front fender vents, which, by the way, are still not defined in the means of utility. Another new thing about new 2014 BMW X5 is that it has a metallic lower rear bumper insert which has the purpose to separate the characteristic dual exhaust outlets which are placed at each corner.

Xenon headlights are very popular

There are three main types of front lights for cars – Xenon headlights, LED and Halogen, and all of them are more or less equally used but frist ones are slightly moer popular among choices. However, all of them have the list of advantages and disadvantages, which we have represented here for you, to make it easier for you to choose the one which is good for your car. So, read it carefully and then go shopping!

Xenon headlights

Let us start with LED!

Comparing most popular car lights with LED, the first advantages you will find refer to low energy consumption and its small size, along with variety of shapes. However, production costs are higher, it generates very low amount of power, and it creates very high temperature around.

New BMW X5 2014 is available to buy

It came into public around two months ago, and it was quite a pleasant surprise for all the people who were anxiously waiting for it. Yes, it is new design of popular vehicle X5 we are talking about!

Glorious design

When you take a look at new design of new 2014 bmw x5, you may find it a bit aggressive, referring to exterior design. However, it is all the matter of new dose of self-assurance this car is meant to make you feel. The new things you will notice about this model are front fender vents, more upright grille openings, dual exhaust outlet and much more. These are just some of the improved features, and it would take quite a long time to list them all.

New BMW X5 2014